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4:10pm 05-15-2009
Hey Thad, I absolutely loved your photos! And to think that I was just checking out the weekend weather here in Nashville, TN when I saw some of your photography! Have a great Weekend!
11:34am 05-07-2009
Brenda C
Have fun traveling this month. I'll keep checking you website.
Take Care and Chase Safely!
4:23pm 05-05-2009
Pupu & Spam
Like Kenneth, I was here & will be back. Chase cam photo I just saw is static at a convenience store! Get out there & chase, boys!!!
2:27pm 05-05-2009
Chris L
Glad to see you are still having fun chasing the destructive forces of nature. Stay safe.
12:24pm 05-03-2009
Have a nice, safe and windy Chase this season. Enjoy all the good food!
7:45am 05-03-2009
Hi toots!
9:03am 05-02-2009
Kenneth J. Korshin
I was here and will be back.
9:35pm 04-14-2009

Very Nice Website, I really like how it's layed out.Looking forward to seeing you this Chase season 09'

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it. ~Patrick Young
10:00pm 03-27-2009
Timothy C Cassidy
cool web sight
8:06am 02-03-2009
richard smith
i like your website. i have been in skywarn for 4 years now, and the most i have ever seen was a supercell thunderstorm. if you have any advise, and or suggestions on how to better train myself let me know. like i said , i have been with skywarn in arkansas for 4 years, but been spotten storms for 11 years.thankyou for time.
Replied on: 9:54am 02-03-2009

Hi there, Richard, and thanks for signing my Guest Book!

In answer to your question, I have to admit that I am not an expert on storm chasing. I cheated! I signed up to chase with a group called Cloud 9 Tours back in 2004, and have continued chasing with them ever since. In fact, I will be chasing with them once again for the entire month of May this year.

As one might expect, with a storm chasing group such as Cloud 9, we are mobile, so we cover a lot of territory. I believe the record for me, personally, was in 2007 when we were a half a mile from Mexico at one point, and within about a week and a half, we were about 65 miles away from Canada! (We only saw one tornado, by the way...)

Anyway, what I guess I'm trying to say is:

1. Tornadoes are elusive beasts;
2. It helps to be mobile, so you can optimize your chances of seeing a tornado if it does happen; and
3. Mother Nature simply doesn't cooperate sometimes!

I realize that that answer probably isn't terribly helpful. Sorry about that... If you have the opportunity, chasing with Cloud 9 Tours ( or groups such as them would give you a much better chance of seeing a tornado. Otherwise, just keep doing what you're doing by keeping your eyes to the skies! If you know about the way supercells work --- which you most likely do --- then perhaps Mother Nature will cooperate!


9:37am 01-24-2009
Yes, I made it to your site, nice.
2:15pm 01-09-2009
you have a great site learn a lot and have fun lulu10
7:11pm 10-15-2008
Thanks so much to each of you for taking the time to sign my Guest Book! I do appreciate it! "
8:53am 10-04-2008
hello from chilly Illinois my Flordia friend(lol)
2:43pm 09-28-2008
Mark Rees
Hey Buddy Its me...only 216 days to go then, WooHoo!!!
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