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3:39pm 05-26-2016
Chris M
Hi you sure have ben busy I know your trip is coming to an end soon I'll be leaving the Keys tomorrow won't be back until July have a safe trip home see you than Chris
3:58pm 05-02-2016
Be careful out there, bud!! And have a great time!
8:01am 05-29-2015
Susan F Kolterman
Hey Thad! Great pictures- watching and hoping for you every day! Your other family is just fine but missing you
6:52am 05-10-2015
David Laughton
Hi Thad
Just following your chase. My wife Lynn and her friend Sharon are travelling with you for two weeks. They seem to be having a great time. Keep my little treasure safe. Looks like very interesting travel days.
Bye for now David
10:53am 05-13-2014
Sue Pupu Sparkes
Hey Thad!! Just getting caught up with your travels over the past week! Wanted to let you know we saw the video clip with George driving the van & Charles in the background (but didn't see YOU!) on the Channel 7 news this morning!! You guys are now "locally famous." LOL. Be safe out there my friend. Tony says "Hi" (actually, he said, "Grunt" but I interpreted). Love, Pupu
2:46pm 04-27-2014
Karen Marks
Hey, Thad! All set to be able to keep an eye on you this season. Looking forward to some great videos. Be safe and have a ball!
9:07am 05-14-2013
Chris M
Hi Thad Hope you get some storms to see soon I'm enjoying your reports Chris
6:12pm 05-07-2013
Garry Powell
Hi Thad after 2 years of tour 1 am missing it badly[due to moving into a new house] love the feed keep it up and good luck to everyone
8:38am 01-12-2013
Thank you, Brian! I take it that you are a chaser as well?
7:57am 01-12-2013
Brian Russell
Love the website... bring on the chase! never stop chasing!!
9:48am 08-27-2012
Hahahahaha! Yep, that's true! Thanks, Becky!
9:05am 08-27-2012
Becky Lee
woo-hoo! Now I can stalk you where ever I am in the world!
4:32pm 05-12-2012
Thanks, Chris!
4:57pm 05-11-2012
Chris Manley
Hi Thad looks like your having a great time I'm enjoying the pictures Thanks Chris
11:29am 05-11-2012
Yep! And I will be on Tour 2 as well! Wooohoooo!!!
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