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8:42pm 04-18-2011
Uncle Dad
Just thought I would stop by to see what you are up to..............nothing as usual...........see you in a couple of weeks...............
2:34pm 01-22-2011
Came here and thought I'd sign so I did just that.
1:58pm 08-05-2010
Hi Thad

just thought I would pop by and say Hi and hope you are well xx
10:16am 05-18-2010
Hey Thad!
I have been loving your pics but the panoramic street corner from 5/17 is WOW! How's Madonna's video camera doing for you?
Like that shot, today is hot hot hot!
11:36pm 05-11-2010
Ted Wood
Looks like you got kinda close
35 mph winds in Key Largo
10:12pm 05-10-2010
Hope you had an exciting day! I'll keep looking at your website for daily updates! Now it is bedtime. Lynnski
7:31am 05-07-2010
ross h
Hey, enjoying the photographs and the short stories, looking forward to my turn on tour 3!
7:07am 05-07-2010
Big Chris
Looks like fun have a good time
7:07am 05-04-2010
Lee and Beth Harris
Great site Thad! Beth and I look forward keeping up with your adventure.
12:36pm 11-08-2009
RuthAnn Keefer
Hey Thad,
Last I saw you was on the bus at Fantasy Fest. Very nice videos and website!! How did you enjoy Fantasy Fest? It was fun. I will keep my eye on your website for more fun stuff. Ruthann
11:10pm 08-12-2009
Hello Uncle Thad! I can't wiat to meet your magic fingers. Don't let the old bag know that I'm using her stuff!
3:34pm 05-22-2009
sue sparkes
Hey Thadster! Just thot I'd let U know that when I logged into the site today, the banner at top reads "Weatheraho"! Somehow fitting, you weather 'ho you! ;0
3:01am 05-18-2009
Gail McIntosh
Thad, Sounds like you are having a great time! Hope you catch a few. If not, just enjoy the ride! See you at the turtle bar, Gaylze.
8:54am 05-16-2009
pat penn
nice pics
7:58am 05-16-2009
Bill & Ellie Kirchne
Your picture was beautiful.. thanks for your wed site.
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