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6:41am 05-11-2012
Richard Sullivan
Hi Thaaaaaaaaadd!

Aren't you on Cloud 9's tour 1??

6:16pm 05-06-2012
Thanks, Lynnski. Will do!
5:20pm 05-06-2012
Just checking out what you are doing today. Stay safe.
8:48am 05-06-2012
Thanks, Cheryl!
8:26am 05-06-2012
Cheryl Sloan
Hello there!! I am checking out your page!! Be safe and good luck on your chase!!
9:44pm 04-29-2012
Thanks, Cuz! I do appreciate it! Hope all is going well with you and I hope to see you soon.
2:33pm 04-29-2012
Phil Bowling
Hi Cuz, stay safe and bring back some great pictures. Hope to see you sometime this year.
8:24am 08-02-2011
Hahahahaha! Welcome back, Jenny! Thanks for visiting my site.
12:38am 08-02-2011
Don't know if I did this before. Just wanted to let ya know I was here. If I already did it, then here I am again. Oh & I'm from facebbook in case ya can't tell.
12:00pm 06-10-2011
Ditta den Hooglander
Nice journal Thad. I will be back for some good memories.
See you!!!!
11:56am 06-10-2011
Brian J. Spencer
Great website Thad! Thanks for all the info! Brilliant!
9:20am 05-21-2011
Thanks a lot, everybody! "
11:02pm 05-20-2011
Hope you are having fun. Take lots of pictures. Lynn
5:50pm 05-06-2011
Tom Cotton
What good is chasing all of these wonders if they are not shared with those of us who dream of doing such things. Thanks for taking the time to SHARE!!!
7:09pm 04-30-2011
Elizabeth Reynolds
Incredible photos!! Have a great month in tornado alley.

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